Friday, November 25, 2005

New Album Available Soon!!!

Finally after a ridiculously long wait I am very happy to announce the release of my second album “First Sign of Anything”. The album will be released This December 2oth on Warner Brothers/The Record Collection. My apologies for so many months and even years of promises of an impending release but the label change was the reason for so much delay and for such a lack of explanation. I will post details as they come as to the how, what, when, and where’s of the whole thing but for now rest assured (famous last words) that the record will be out by years end. Thank you all for being so patient and supportive over the long wait. And of course a happy belated Thanksgiving to you all.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Well, I’m slowly coming back to life back home in LA. It was another long day of moving and unpacking my belongings into my new apartment. It’s a pretty nice place I suppose. Much larger and more grown up than I am used to. Quieter too. Not sure what I think about that. Well it’s back to work. Getting ready for the upcoming release. Will be making a release announcement soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Palm Springs

After playing Lestat’s last Thursday night Liz and I went on to Palm Springs to attend the wedding of our mutual friend, fellow Whiskey Breath Traveler, and former roommate of mine/POPism guitarist Rick Royale and his new wife Paige Moss.

We pulled into town Friday night, just in time to make it to the eat and great Barbeque dinner where I got a chance to catch up with many old friends and partners in crime that I don’t see as often as I probably should back here in LA. Liz and I jumped up in front of a make shift microphone and PA in a somewhat failed attempt to get a hootenanny of sorts going amongst the many talented musicians amidst the crowd. It wasn’t all for not as Liz, myself, and a few others did get off a few decent tunes, the highlight of course being when the groom to be jumped up and did a short set. The remainder of the night was soon lost to the nearby casinos, drinking with the old gang, and a ridiculous argument about knee bones, to which I am still thoroughly confused.
The wedding was held, of all places, at Frank Sinatra’s old pad. A beautiful house set around an eye catching Piano shaped pool, the Palm Springs home was the perfect place for one of the nicest wedding ceremonies I have attended yet. Followed, of course, by a night of yet more drinking, eating, dancing, gathering around the piano for some boisterous butchering of old classics, and the gushing of love for old friends that always seems to happen when alcohol mends the absence between old friends. It was a great time.

Monday, November 14, 2005


So San Diego was fun. Just a short set in a small joint with my good friend Liz. Got to hang with my brother, his wife, and my good friend Alex as well. Did I mention alcohol? Yeah, there was alcohol in there somewhere as well. At least I think there was. I can’t remember. Then it was off to Frank Sinatra’s house for a wedding. I’ll post more on that later. Till then here are a few pics from the show.

Liz Clark ladies and gentlemen. (

Alex as Liz and I pour beer down from our third story hotel room and he tries to catch it in his mouth. Well, what would you do?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Upcoming Show

I will be performing a last minute show this Thursday, the 1oth of November in San Diego, CA at Lestat’s with Liz Clark ( and the Whiskey Breath Travelers. Lestat’s is located at 3343 Adams Avenue in the heart of Normal Heights (619) 282-0437. Go to for more info. Show starts at 9:00 PM.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My little Grass Shack

Only one more day until I head back across the pacific to my new, all be it empty, apartment in Los Angeles. The work on the house is progressing nicely and the weather has been particularly humid with many mild showers, though that is pretty common place in Hawaii. The rain is coming down one second and the next the sun is out shining brightly. Ironically I have spent most of my time indoors trying to learn the many nuances of podcasting and blogging rather than frolicking about in the sun and sand as one might expect of a vacation to Hawaii. But then again, to me, it's just home.

Don't Be Like That

As part of my new obsession with all of these exciting new toys in the tech world (blogs, podcasts, streaming audio and video, etc.,) I am posting a song that I recorded with producer David Darling in an early session of the "First Sign Of Anything" recordings. Ultimately we went in a heavier direction and the song was left to forever rest in my "my music" file awaiting a potential EP or B side. That is of course until now. I always liked the song and it is quite different from the already varied sound of both my first and second record. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Technical Difficulties

Ok, so I'm an idiot. You were going to find out sooner or later. Somehow I managed to delete my entire blog. I don’t really have it in me to repost every single entry but I have reposted the last 5 or 6 entries (I will post the pictures later). If anyone wishes to be able to get access to any particular blog entry that didn’t get reposted just email me so I can suggest something better to do with your time. Cheers.

Back In 1999

For those of you who haven't yet seen it, here is a copy of my old Back In 1999 Video. More videos are posted on the music page of

Note: This is version 1 of the video. It was version 2 that made it to Mtv. To be honest I am largely posting this to test a new program but I hope you enjoy.

All Hallows Eve

Once again, Happy Halloween to everyone. Mine has been fairly uneventful. No trick or treating for me, I still haven’t gotten Saturday night out of my system yet. Literally.
I'm off to Hawaii tomorrow to visit my soon to be for sale house on Oahu for what is likely to be the last time.
Check back soon for exciting news on the upcoming release of the new record.

Happy halloween!

Happy Halloween y’all! I’m going as a Republican. Even scarier to most of you... I actually am one.



Many of you have written emails asking just what exactly POPism was. Well, that’s a bit of a long story. I suppose if ever the phrase “you had to be there,” applied, it would be in regard to POPism.

POPism, (a name inspired of course by the Andy Warhol book/pseudo philosophy by the same name), was a performance art/rock band founded by myself and friend and former roommate Rick Royale ( One night out in Hollywood way back in 1997, in what was at the time the newly opened “Goldfingers”, only days after making my move to Los Angeles, Rick, based on the success of his prior band the Rattled Roosters, was asked if he wanted to take on a residency at the new bar. Rick and I, both at a bit of a “funny place in our lives,” jumped on the opportunity at once and, to put it mildly, lied our way into a resident Tuesday night gig at the new Hollywood Hot spot. We told the manager of the bar that we had a Velvet Underground-esque, New York- glam rock inspired new band and that we would be ready to play in two weeks. All of this was of course complete fiction. The whole idea was inspired partially by Ricks love of the Velvet Underground, partially by the fact that there was a piano in the bar (an essential element of that old NY sound), and partially by a recent double date Rick and I had gone on dressed in drag in a failed attempt to shock the girls we were meeting (basically we liked the way we looked in lipstick a little too much).

To make a long story a little less long, within two weeks we had formed a band, hiring our dominatrix neighbor (Vylette) site unheard to front the band, our heroin addicted friend (Mish) to play bass, something that she was about as proficient at as she was at showing up on time (no offense), and a piano player (Billy Burke aka Billy Cool) whom we had met at the bar the night prior to our first rehearsal and who only showed up because we rehearsed and performed right across the street from his house. In that short time we had written an entire set of songs, all focusing around the subject of sex or drugs of course, and literally scripted out a concept for our characters; who they were, how they acted, etc., and we wrote a fictitious back story for our band; and a fictitious description of our weekly club at Goldfingers, which of course didn’t even exist yet. The club quickly became the scene to be seen at. Before long the place was packed every week with boa and glitter clad patrons, people literally dancing and once even fucking on the bar, randomly taking their clothes off on stage, and just plain getting freaky. For a while there Rick and my’s lives (my’s lives? Not quite sure how to say that) became pure pop art. We had wanted to see if we could take a ridiculously awful band and sell it purely on aesthetic, to see if we could convince people we were great simply because we said we were and because we looked the part. It was a little frightening how well it worked. I of course became “Gay Johnny” (the mock heroin addicted, alcoholic, sexually ambiguous drummer), a name that I took from an old canned vegetable label that a friend had given me as a joke and that had hung framed on the wall, and one I will never live down I might add (but it was just too funny not to use).

As is often the way of rock bands, it wasn’t long before we had let hour ego’s run crazy with our success and we started taking the whole thing way to seriously. Thus the whole thing inevitably collapsed in upon itself and the days of POPism were over.

That’s why it’s better to be a solo act.

For more information about POPism go to:

Jeremey Fisher

Had the chance to catch an old friend the other night at the Hotel Cafe. Sony recording artist Jeremy fisher was in town recording a track for his upcoming release. Jeremy and I once road our bikes, as in bicycles, 500 miles (from Bellingham Washington to Eugene Oregon) as support acts for our mutual friends band Bicycle. A band that, hence the name, is known for touring by, well, bicycle. Jeremy has been known to tour by bicycle as well. If I'm not mistaken he has ridden across the continent several times by bike. Gas guzzler that I am I'm not sure why they even hang out with me. But the experience was a great one to say the least. I got a chance to stop by the studio as well and check out Jeremy and producer Greg Collins work in progress, and sing a few back ups I might add. Check out his stuff it's great.

Blah Blah Blah

So I really don’t have much to say here but I figured that I had to post something as not to give the much promised impression that I have fallen off the face of the earth. It was a pretty unexciting weekend. It was Daddy's for drinks with friends on Friday, Saturday, and oh yeah, Sunday... and I've been cutting down (sigh). Beyond that it was any other weekend. Warm, sunny California as usual, Breakfast at two in the afternoon, bedtime at four (AM of course). I’ve been searching for a new apartment. That's kind of interesting... not. It's pretty amazing how expensive things have become in Hollywood. I just looked at a loft for $2200 a month. For a one room concrete box... with no parking! It was a really nice concrete box and all but damn. So lets see what else... hmm, oh yeah can't forget poker. I played a lot of poker. But that's nothing new. Curse the day they invented online poker. Speaking of which I've gotta go, I’ve got pocket Queens.


Really? A blog? I guess I'm finally going try this blogging thing in the hope that it is not just another one of those ideas that I get all into for a week or two and then drop completely, leaving one more waste land of a web link on my site, furthering the impression that I have completely dropped of the face of the earth.
So I have no idea what it is exactly that I am supposed to do with this thing. I can’t really recall ever actually reading a blog, but nevertheless have finally succumb to the many requests, suggestions, and advisements to add a blog to the site in the hopes of rallying friends, fans, and whomever else in the name of future record sales.
So here goes. I'm still not sure what exactly I'm supposed to do with this thing. I'm told "online diary," is basically the idea. Though why anyone would be interested in the fact that I finished off a box of Cheerios, or did my laundry, or slept till one in the afternoon, or whatever other mind numbingly uninteresting thing that I might do during a given day, is beyond me. Shit, maybe this means I'm going to have start living it up, desperately hoping to impress all seven of you that are likely to be the ones reading this on any regular basis. Man, what am I doing? Oh well, so here goes. Worse comes to worse I suppose I can always just abandon this silly thing in a week or two. Enjoy.

technical difficulties

sorry guys, the blog is down temporarily but will be back up very soon.
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