Friday, November 04, 2005

Jeremey Fisher

Had the chance to catch an old friend the other night at the Hotel Cafe. Sony recording artist Jeremy fisher was in town recording a track for his upcoming release. Jeremy and I once road our bikes, as in bicycles, 500 miles (from Bellingham Washington to Eugene Oregon) as support acts for our mutual friends band Bicycle. A band that, hence the name, is known for touring by, well, bicycle. Jeremy has been known to tour by bicycle as well. If I'm not mistaken he has ridden across the continent several times by bike. Gas guzzler that I am I'm not sure why they even hang out with me. But the experience was a great one to say the least. I got a chance to stop by the studio as well and check out Jeremy and producer Greg Collins work in progress, and sing a few back ups I might add. Check out his stuff it's great.
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