Friday, November 04, 2005


Really? A blog? I guess I'm finally going try this blogging thing in the hope that it is not just another one of those ideas that I get all into for a week or two and then drop completely, leaving one more waste land of a web link on my site, furthering the impression that I have completely dropped of the face of the earth.
So I have no idea what it is exactly that I am supposed to do with this thing. I can’t really recall ever actually reading a blog, but nevertheless have finally succumb to the many requests, suggestions, and advisements to add a blog to the site in the hopes of rallying friends, fans, and whomever else in the name of future record sales.
So here goes. I'm still not sure what exactly I'm supposed to do with this thing. I'm told "online diary," is basically the idea. Though why anyone would be interested in the fact that I finished off a box of Cheerios, or did my laundry, or slept till one in the afternoon, or whatever other mind numbingly uninteresting thing that I might do during a given day, is beyond me. Shit, maybe this means I'm going to have start living it up, desperately hoping to impress all seven of you that are likely to be the ones reading this on any regular basis. Man, what am I doing? Oh well, so here goes. Worse comes to worse I suppose I can always just abandon this silly thing in a week or two. Enjoy.
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