Monday, November 14, 2005


So San Diego was fun. Just a short set in a small joint with my good friend Liz. Got to hang with my brother, his wife, and my good friend Alex as well. Did I mention alcohol? Yeah, there was alcohol in there somewhere as well. At least I think there was. I can’t remember. Then it was off to Frank Sinatra’s house for a wedding. I’ll post more on that later. Till then here are a few pics from the show.

Liz Clark ladies and gentlemen. (

Alex as Liz and I pour beer down from our third story hotel room and he tries to catch it in his mouth. Well, what would you do?


Blogger dar said...

I just saw your release date for (First Sign of anything) is 12/20. Isn't that kind of late to be releasing an album . There will be mostly Christmas music on the radio about that time. It's doesn't look too good for you.

4:04 PM  
Blogger John Oszajca said...

December is a bad time to release if you are going to radio and press in the height of the competitive season. But we will be working the record in the New Year and are simply releasing it in December in part because of scheduling issues and in part to benefit to what ever extent we can by Christmas sales. And while it is generally true that Christmas is too competitive a time of year for anyone other than the biggest of artists to release, you’d be surprised how many records are released during the fourth quarter by lesser known artists in an attempt to take advantage of the holes that sometimes open up in the marketplace due to the popular misconception. Additionally the industry is changing so rapidly due to downloads, the shrinking of the retail pipeline, and the broadening of the online market, that “role outs” and marketing strategies are taking on new forms every week. That is of course unless you’re just trying to be a dick.

9:00 PM  

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